Welcome to our Kitchen Table, the place where we sit down to visit - maybe share a meal, maybe tell a story - and you are always welcome!

Erin Hoebbel
Erin Hoebbel, CMP, CTA, CASE

As meetNKY's Tour | Travel Manager, Erin specializes in creating the perfect itinerary for every group bus tour.  Whether you're here for three hours or three weeks, Erin's knowledge of NKY and creative ideas make every group tour memorable!

Bourbon Bliss

Big news: I just became a Certified Bourbon Steward through the Stave & Thief Society. Funny aside: Six months ago I couldn’t tell you a thing about the history of Bourbon or much about the sensory nuances of this special spirit. Like much of the population, I have stuck with beer and wine as my…

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Did you know? 6 highlights of tours in NKY

Wow…the first half of the year has been such a ride! Having been at meetNKY for almost 16 years, it’s been a time to re-discover the wonderful assets our region has for our visitors. With the Ark Encounter opening in July of 2016, the passion for visitors to come to Northern Kentucky has exploded…

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