Like many destinations, NKY and Cincy have great art museums. The Cincinnati Art Museum, Contemporary Art Center, and the Taft Museum house some of the finest art in the world and offer a variety of fascinating exhibits. 

But we also have many unique museums that make Northern Kentucky and Cincy a great addition to your museum bucket list. For example, the world’s only Ventriloquism Museum is right here in Northern Kentucky – Vent Haven Museum, located in Ft. Mitchell, Ky.

Our other unique museum offerings include the American Sign Museum in Cincy, the Behringer Crawford Museum – famous for its two-headed calf -- in Covington; Cincy’s Lucky Cat Museum, and the Fire Museum – which displays Cincinnati’s firefighting history. 

The crown jewel of our unique museums is the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, located in downtown Cincy, on the banks of the Ohio River, facing Northern Kentucky. 

We are also home to the Cincinnati Museum Center, housed in an Art Deco building that inspired the design of DC Comics’ Hall of Justice. The Cincinnati Museum Center is a museum complex – featuring the Cincinnati Children’s Museum, the Natural History and Science Museum, and The Nancy and David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center. 

Check our listings for more local NKY and Cincy museums and to read more detail about all of these museum gems as you plan your trip to the Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region.