where to meet in NKY

When it comes to conventions, meetings or events in NKY, planners and attendees enjoy unrivaled hospitality, personalized support and an array of engaging attractions to generate both share-worthy selfies & wow-worthy results.

Boy, do we have places to meet! We have a perfect-size riverfront convention center and a state-of-the-art mid-size arena—perfect for 10,000 people.

But that’s not all we offer you in NKY... we're also known for our major-brand large meeting hotels and some truly unique specialty event spaces.

So it really depends on what YOU are looking for in a venue. NKY has everything you need to turn “ho-hum” into “holy cow!” and it all comes with loads of convenience, top-shelf service and a double dose of “heck yeah!"

We invite you to meetNKY and see why more than 98% of our meeting planners say they'll return to this gem on the Ohio River.