Purple People Bridge in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati

Walk across the pedestrian-only Purple People Bridge that connects Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky

This pedestrian-only bridge is affectionately named the Purple People Bridge for it’s fun purple color. It originally opened in 1872 as the first railroad bridge connecting Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. After being repurposed several times, the City of Newport received $4 million to paint and restore the bridge in 2001, creating the bridge we know and love today. 
Throughout the year, the Purple People Bridge is also the host of several events both private and public, such as Party on the Purple People Bridge, a free summer series that brings a variety of food trucks, live music, and drinks to the bridge for a party the whole family can enjoy. With the skylines of both Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati as the backdrop, the bridge is a photo-worthy, memorable venue!
If you’re crossing the bridge from Cincinnati, there’s no shortage of things to do once you get to Newport. Enjoy a day with the kids at Newport Aquarium, take in a movie at AMC theaters, grab lunch at one of the excellent restaurants at the newly revamped Newport on the Levee, or shop for local souvenirs and gifts at one of the Levee’s excellent retailers.  Don’t miss the Bridgeview Box Park, a vibrant, window-service park designed to gather, savor delicious food and spirits, and enjoy the waterfront views of the Ohio River.