Wow…the first half of the year has been such a ride!  Having been at meetNKY for almost 16 years, it’s been a time to re-discover the wonderful assets our region has for our visitors.  With the Ark Encounter opening in July of 2016, the passion for visitors to come to Northern Kentucky has exploded!  Thus, my role as Group Tour Manager was born!  It’s been so much fun to discover what our attractions can offer from a visitor’s point of view.  Did you know –

  • The Ark Encounter – the largest timber frame structure in the World!
  • Newport Aquarium – has a cool new interactive exhibit that opened this Spring – the Stingray Hideaway.You can actually touch these little guys!
  • New Riff Distilling – anxiously awaiting to sample their bourbon in 2018!Plus, a great place to see how that tasty liquid is distilled.
  • Cincinnati Zoo – who hasn’t heard of Fiona!
  • BB Riverboats – nothing like watching a beautiful sunset and eating some good food!
  • American Sign Museum – the place to go when you’re feeling nostalgic! It’s a step back in time!

And this has only been some of the highlights!  Even though summer is just starting, I’m looking forward to see what some of the holidays have in store.  Here’s to six more months of exploration and FUN!