There are so many wonderful things to do and see in this region.  Groups coming to the area are spending a lot of time at our popular attractions such as the Ark Encounter, Creation Museum, BB Riverboats and the Newport Aquarium.  However, a lot don’t realize some of the treasures of places like the American Sign Museum and more...

Have you seen:


Vent Haven Museum -  this wonderful little gem is off the beaten path in Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky.  It is the only museum in the world that houses ventriloquial figures and memorabilia.  Even though to visit is by appointment only, they are very welcoming to have visitors come and explore.  Believe it or not, you will spend an hour or so looking through over 900 dummies.  Their oldest one dates back to civil war era.  One to put on your bucket list for sure!

Dinsmore Homestead – okay, this one struck me as interesting and unique.  Even though it’s in our own back yard in Boone County, Kentucky.  I initially had no knowledge of the history.  Walking into this farm house was literally a step back in time.  The last occupant passed away in the early 1900’s after successfully running the farm on her own after her family all died.  The house and contents have been left just as it was at the time of her death.  Including a carriage!  In addition to the fabulous artifacts in the house, the setting itself is pretty and serene.  They have hiking trails that many people will come out and explore too.

Rabbit Hash General Store – Another step back in time.  This little store located in Rabbit Hash, Kentucky (near Burlington) houses all kinds of merchandise from antiques, Bybee pottery to hand woven towels.  Not to mention the town’s Mayor is a dog! 

I definitely could go on as there are so many unique qualities to Northern Kentucky.  Don’t take my word for it – come for a visit!