Colleges and Universities in Northern Kentucky

No two people are exactly the same, and this is also true of the colleges and universities you will find here in Northern Kentucky. From a typical university environment to a more personalized college pace, higher education in NKY has it all.


Northern Kentucky University celebrates its fifth year as a Division 1 school. It rightfully boasts of affordability and community while still offering that classic public college experience that so many students are looking forward to.

Thomas More University

Recently going from college status to becoming accredited as a university is Thomas More University. Thomas More is a private Catholic university with a student to faculty ratio of 14:1. This guarantees a personalized educational experience for everyone - especially the student athlete community that Thomas More is so well known for.

Gateway Community and Technical College

Gateway Community and Technical College is most recognized for its affordability with the lowest tuition in Kentucky. Gateway has several campuses in NKY including Florence, Edgewood, and Covington. Gateway’s staff works to set its students up for success through hands-on learning. Whether that means helping you transfer to a four-year college or university using the credits you have earned at Gateway, or helping you to get set up with a career path you love, Gateway forges that path for you.

No matter what you’re looking for in a college experience, NKY is the place to be.