Ice Cream & Dessert in NKY

The Northern Kentucky and Cincy region is unusually rich in indulgences for your sweet tooth. Other cities may have several great bakeries—here in NKY and Cincy you can find a mouthwatering bakery, doughnut shop, French pastry shop, cannoli bakery, or artisanal bread baker every few blocks. 

We’re also famous for our local, handmade ice cream. All over the U.S. (and even farther away!) people who have had a taste crave Graeter’s Ice Cream, which is made using the French pot method. Oprah even named it one of her favorite things. 

In addition to Graeter’s, you can get one of the best chocolate malts you’ve ever tasted at a local United Dairy Farmers. Or try one of the dozens of soft serve ice cream stands all over our region—locals call them creamy whips. We also have gelato on both sides of the Ohio River. 

Prefer candy? There are dozens of locally owned, making it from scratch, candy shops in NKY and Cincinnati ready to satisfy your cravings.