MUFON is Bringing Top UFO/UAP Experts to Northern Kentucky

The truth is out there and it will be easier to find when the MUFON 2023 Symposium lands at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center Aug. 24-27.

Since 1969, the now-Cincinnati-headquartered all-volunteer nonprofit has been dedicated to “understanding, tracking, reporting, and creating global awareness for UFOs,” or, as they are now known, UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). And with a global membership base, MUFON is the world’s oldest and largest civilian UFO investigation and research organization.

The Symposium

The 2023 Symposium, themed “Friend or Foe?,” will ask questions about UAPs, like: Who are they? Why are they here? What do they want? And event programming, ranging from expert panels, experiencer sessions and UFO art, will provide additional data.

“MUFON is proud to give the public a chance to cut through the noise and learn from experts with over 50 years of experience whether these UAPs threaten the sovereignty of all nations. With a range of speakers from Harvard Professor Avi Loeb to a NASA program director, MUFON invites you to decide for yourself whether these visitors are friend or foe,” says the organization.

This year’s keynote speaker is David Paulides, an investigator, best-selling author (of the series Missing 411) and director of the CanAm Missing Project. Per his bio, Paulides has over 20 years of law enforcement history and “is an expert at solving the unsolvable.” A leader in UFO abduction research, he has investigated more than 5,000 cases of people who have disappeared from National Parks and forests in North America, creating a compelling link between UFOs and those who have gone missing.

Peter Robbins, investigator, member of the French Académie d'Ufologie and award-winning Associate Producer of TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton, will act as master of ceremonies during the Symposium and moderate the speaker panels. Saturday’s panel is themed “’Screen Memories’ Tool or Weapon!” and Sunday’s panel is “Physiological Effects and Alien Intent! Intentional or Accidental?”

In addition to the aforementioned professor Avi Loeb and NASA program director Barbra Sobhani, other speakers include MUFON’s National Director for Brazil, Thiago Luiz Ticchetti, discussing “From the past to the present of Brazilian ufology: are aliens among us?” and author Linda Zimmermann, who will talk about “The Consequences of Contact: For Humans and Animals.”

In addition to panels, attendees can learn how to become a MUFON UAP Field Investigator; take a tour of the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base; and see a special screening of 2023 UFO documentary Accidental Truth - UFO Revelations, directed and produced by MUFON's Ron James and narrated by actor Matthew Modine — with possible special guests.

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How to Register

Register for the MUFON’s 2023 Symposium at Passes range from the $459 Platinum Weekend Pass ($509 after July 15) to Gold ($299; $349 after July 15) and Silver ($259; $309 after July 15) to daily options, with Sunday’s pass running at $129 and access to Friday’s keynote and banquet at $120.

The Platinum Weekend Pass includes:

  • Access to the Symposium, all speaker lectures and the vendor area for the duration of the Symposium
  • Friday ERT event
  • Friday Dinner Banquet and Keynote Address
  • 2 Speaker Panels Saturday and Sunday (lunch box available for purchase $35 before the event)
  • Saturday special event - Accidental Truth movie screening
  • Symposium Proceedings ($40 value) - pick up at the registration desk

Details for other pass levels and costs for special events — like the trip to Wright-Patt — are available online.

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