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Bourbon and Beer Cheers

Hey, Northern Kentucky explorers!

If you’ve loved meeting NKY, you’re going to love getting to know the entire Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky Region — our unique destination where Ohio and Kentucky connect and the German heritage and urban vibrancy of Cincinnati, Ohio blend seamlessly with the Southern charm and cool quirkiness of Northern Kentucky.

Over the past few months, we've been teaming up more closely with our friends at Visit Cincy to bring you the very best of the entire Cincy Region, gradually migrating our insider tips, blog articles, and all the exciting happenings we've been sharing on Facebook and Instagram over to Visit Cincy's channels. This collaboration has allowed us to amplify the fantastic stories and experiences this dynamic region has to offer. From the hidden gems nestled within Northern Kentucky to the bustling attractions just a bridge-walk across the Ohio River in Cincinnati, we're thrilled to showcase the richness of our shared area.

So, what does this mean for you, dear NKY enthusiasts? It means you get the best of both sides of the river in one location!


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An aerial view of the Purple People Bridge mural "Where We Connect" featuring attributes unique to the Cincy Region, like beer, bourbon and Cincinnati-style chili

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meetNKY’s tourism website pages moving too!

During the next few months many of the pages on this website featuring tourism things to do will be migrating to So be sure to save as a bookmark. - your NKY website for all things conventions and meetings

The exterior of the Northern Kentucky Convention Center showing the main entrance will still be here for all your Northern Kentucky meetings and conventions news and needs.

Rest assured, while our tourism focus may be shifting to Visit Cincy's platforms, our dedication to showcasing the unique charm and allure of Northern Kentucky remains steadfast. Join us as we continue to celebrate and highlight the diverse attractions, local flavors, and captivating stories that make our corner of the Cincy Region so special.