Summer is coming to a close. But do not despair. We've got you covered with these five things you can do to capture a few more summer moments.

fountain fun at smale park

  1. Jump in a lake
    Take one last jaunt out to your local lake (or swimming hole), and throw yourself in. Trust us, you'll look back on this moment in mid-January and smile. 
  2. Eat ice cream
    There's really no wrong time to eat ice cream, but the final days of summer are a particularly great time to savor this creamy treat. Don’t forget to pull out all the stops—sprinkles, waffle cone, flavor syrup, and whipped cream.

Cold Stone Ice Cream

  1. Sip a summer beverage  
    Amp up your mixology skills with an awesomely delicious bourbon punch bowl (it’s a great way to bring friends together and easy to make). You can’t go wrong with this one.
  2. Spend the morning at a Farmers Market
    Nothing beats fresh produce. Take advantage of the summer’s incredible bounty and concoct a meal using only ingredients you’ve scored from a local farmers market.

findlay market

  1. Bike ride through your favorite neighborhood
    Get out there and explore where you live via bike (there's most likely a Red Bike location near you right now). Gain a whole new perspective on where you live – try a cafe you’ve never been to before or stop into a cool few boutiques along the way.

What will you do with your last few days of summer?

Cincy Red Bike