Augusta Kentucky river sunset

If you live in the city or suburbs of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky, you might never catch a sunset. Lights from the city, obstacles on the horizon, and even tree-filled vistas can block a wide expanse of the western night sky. But if you’re willing to drive less than an hour away, you will be charmed by a glorious sunset that is something of a Northern Kentucky legend – and it might be one of Augusta, Kentucky’s best-kept secrets.

Women in nineteeth century dresses in front of a paddlewheeler on the Ohio river

This treasure of a town lies about 40 miles east of Covington on a soft bend in the Ohio River. Its 1100 friendly citizens are proud of their city’s long and colorful history that stretches back to its Native American roots, and winds through the frontier era, a pivotal Civil War battle, and later to its growth in agribusiness and commerce. Visitors strolling through Augusta’s streets will discover rich architecture ranging from log cabins to Victorian homes to brick colonial buildings, many of which are listed in the National Register of Historic Places. Augusta is home to whimsical small-town shops, B&B’s, and eateries. It’s also the site of the oldest and largest wine cellar in America, an impressive stone structure which survived a Civil War battle. But Augusta’s crowning glory? It offers one of the best unobstructed views of the sunset in this part of the country.

Augusta Pink Sunset

Hues of purple, indigo, pink, red, persimmon and gold present a breathtaking performance. As the Ohio River winds downstream from the bustling Cincinnati/Newport riverfronts, tree-covered hillsides rise above its banks, and nary a city light can be seen. Augusta sunsets are revered by its residents and have been captured by scores of professional artists and photographers.

Whether you arrive by car, boat or the Augusta Ferry which has faithfully traversed the mighty Ohio for 200 years, find yourself a bench, relax, and savor the Augusta evening sunset.

Augusta tranquil sunset