This article by MeetNKY appeared at “Event Planning,” a Cvent blog, and shows not just the expertise required for attracting meetings and conventions to NKY but how the NKy Convention and Visitors Bureau promotes our region as an event destination.

We seem to be inundated lately with articles, blogs and meeting presentations suggesting that the new shared economy is something to fear. Listen closely and you can almost hear a proverbial Paul Revere riding feverishly though cities shouting, “The shared economy is coming!”

We recommend a decidedly sunnier outlook which views this trend as a great new normal for our industry – one we should embrace for the amazing engagement opportunities that come with it.

Face it – the demographics of our industry marketplace are changing. The Millennial audience is growing and engaging faster than any other generation in history and there is no doubt that this is the target audience meeting planners, event managers and association executives must activate to achieve their attendance, membership and retention goals in the coming years. This is a hard generation to engage unless an issue is compelling, unique, or controversially impacting of freedoms. Look no further than the tremendous pressure IBM was under recently when trying to deny Uber as a reimbursable business expense. Take heed, wide-spread attempts to take away Millennials’ ability to create their own destiny will be futile. The smart choice is to embrace the empowerment mindset – and use it to your advantage. Read more.