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Callie Budrick


Callie Budrick, a Northern Kentucky native, is a writer and editor with a love for adventure. Living full-time in an RV with her fiancé and two cats, she combines her passions for travel, exploration, and writing to uncover hidden gems and experiences throughout the Midwest. With a background in arts, design, and marketing, Callie brings a unique perspective to her work and is always ready for the next challenge.


Only in NKY: A Craft Distillery with Psychic Powers

Second Sight Spirits marries the intrigue of engineering with the art of crafting exceptional spirits. Taste the magic of small batch spirits while you peer inside the world’s only crystal ball condenser Only in NKY. Kentucky is known for its bourbon. And it can be tricky to stand out in a state…

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Only in NKY: The Ark Encounter

Learn more about one of the most popular tourist attractions in NKY An enormous timber-framed ship is parked inland, just off Interstate 75. It’s not built to float, but it is built to entertain. The Ark Encounter is certainly an experience you’ll find Only in NKY. Williamstown, KY was once known…

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Only in NKY: The Purple People Bridge

The Northern Kentucky and Cincy Region's Purple People Bridge A bright purple bridge connecting two markedly different states? Only in Northern Kentucky. Follow this series to learn more about the hidden treasures found Only in NKY . When it comes to exploring Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, the…

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