Welcome to NKY, Leadership Kentucky!

Hey Leadership Kentucky friends, Welcome to the top of the South and the end of the North. You have a fun three days of activities planned and we hope this also helps you make the most of your play time. This is a unique region, aka The Cincy Region, a curious mash up of the German heritage and urban vibrancy of Cincinnati, Ohio with the Southern charm and cool quirkiness of Northern Kentucky, just a short, Purple People Bridge-walk across the Ohio River. We are a region of brilliant contrasts and collaborations, where we all agree on the Reds, Bengals and FC Cincinnati, but agree to disagree on our favorite college teams. This is a place where we love our beer and our bourbon, as well as Cincinnati chili. Our cultures collide, creating wildly different, yet easily accessible experiences for everyone. We are so glad to welcome you to NKY!