Covington is booming with new restaurants... and we couldn't be more excited since most of them are within walking distance of our offices, which also means they're just a short walk from the Northern Kentucky Convention Center, the Embassy Suites RiverCenter, the Marriott RiverCenter, Hotel Covington, and even a short stroll from Downtown Cincinnati, including Smale Park.  Why not make the trip from wherever your neck of the woods may be to try them for yourself?  Come hungry and get ready to #lovetheCOV!

bar inside of Rich's Proper foods in covington ky with pendulum lights, blue hvac pipe, silver ceiling

Rich's Proper Food & Drink

Located at 701 Madison Ave., Rich's is an excellent choice for lunch, dinner, or drinks.  The interior of Rich's is very comfy, including the bar with pass-through window in the center of the room, large couches when you walk in the door, and oversized booths and tables.  With walk-up counter service for food, you have the freedom to find your favorite seating arrangement... or come back and try them all!  With Creole-influenced pub fare, their menu is unique and includes things like mac & cheese egg rolls, jambalaya, and oysters. 

covington popcorn at rich's proper foods includes brussel sprouts, country ham, chicken, fried pickles

But one of our favorites on the menu happens to be the Covington Popcorn, which is a basket of deep-fried house-made spicy pickle chips, chicken thigh, country ham, and pickled brussel sprouts.  What a combination!

chicken wing with bbq sauce and curly fries at rich's proper foods in covington ky

If you're heading to Rich's for lunch, don't forget their lunch specials, such as a burger and fries or chicken leg and a side.  I opted for the chicken leg and fries and it was delicious!  The fries are unique--kind of like curly cut potatoes and still plenty of potato left to be considered an actual fry and not a chip.  Thumbs up for Rich's!

front entrance of libby's southern comfort in covington ky has a grey brick building and a white sign

Libby's Southern Comfort

In the midst of the new Duveneck Square revitalization is a shiny new restaurant called Libby's, named after the owners' daughter.  They offer lunch and dinner, plus brunch on the weekends. 

plate of fried green tomatoes topped with pimento cheese from libby's southern comfort in covington ky chicken biscuit from libbys southern comfort in covington ky sweet chili sauce with pimento cheese

As their name implies, their menu is focused on southern comfort foods, including oysters, fried green tomatoes, shrimp and grits, their version of the hot brown, and fried chicken.  According to our waitress, the two most popular menu items include the chicken biscuit sliders, including sweet chili seasoning and Libby's pimento cheese, and the shrimp roll. 

goetta hush puppies from libbys southern comfort in covington ky with green garnish and sauce on the side of a white plate

The menu also includes some nods to local fare, such as the delicious goetta hush puppies.

vintage bourbon selection at libbys southern comfort in covington ky including several bottles of bourbon on a shelf with a logo silhouette of a dog and little girl on the wall

We were very impressed with the bourbon selection at Libby's, including several vintage bourbons plus bourbon slushies.  Thumbs up!

interior of tables and bar of alto pizza kitchen and bar in covington ky

Parlor on Seventh

Parlor on Seventh is one of the newest restaurants on this list. You'll find it next door to one of NKY's tastiest craft breweries, Braxton Brewing Company, in the heart of downtown Covington. The owners want to offer the neighborhood a "parlor – a place to gather – a place for all walks of life to kick back and let loose." The menu is a fusion of two cuisines fundamental to our Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati region -- German and Southern. 

 German Sausages, cheeses, meatballs and cocktails at Parlor on Seventh in Covington KYA hot brown sandwich on a white plate with a glass of Braxton craft beer at Parlor on Seventh restaurant

Parlor on Seventh also has a kiosk inside Braxton Brewing where you can place an order from a shorter menu. 

two women eating in front of artwork at agave and rye in covington ky

Agave & Rye

I hesitate to even add this one to the list because I selfishly don't want the secret to get out about my personal favorite new taco joint!  The interior of Agave & Rye is an artistic experience in itself and the food will knock your socks off. 

several tacos lined up from agae and rye in covington ky bowl from agave and rye in covington ky of taco ingredients

First, the tacos all come double shelled (unless you request otherwise), with both a hard and soft taco shell.  Then, you can make them even more epic by adding a layer of queso or refried beans, etc. between the shells for a small upcharge.  But have no fear... if your diet just won't allow you to go epic, any of their tacos can be made into a "bowl."

two baskets of chips in front of artwork on wall with cups of salsa, guacamole, queso at agave and rye in covington ky

The chips and queso are delicious and I hear that the guacamole is on point, but I don't eat green things so I'll just have to trust my coworkers on that one.

grilled corn at agave and rye in covington ky with pitcher of margaritas in background

A new side dish I've seen them promoting on social media is their grilled corn.  I haven't tried it yet, but the pictures make it look delicious, so it may be added to my Taco Tuesday selections.  And the margaritas don't look bad either!  ;)  Thumbs up!

wood bar and plush interior at sugar whiskey sis in covington ky

Sugar Whiskey Sis

With the opening of Sugar Whiskey Sis, Covington has officially entered the moonshine scene! 

artwork on wall near bar of sugar whiskey sis moonsine bar in covington ky with chess board on coffee table and large red leather couch

With the same owners as Agave & Rye, Sugar Whiskey Sis is also an artistic experience inside. 

wooden plank with saucy bone-in wings featured at sugar whiskey sis moonshine bar in covington ky chicken sandwich image from sugar whiskey sis moonshine bar in covington ky

Not only do they offer a huge drink selection, they also have plenty of bar foods on the menu, including wings, chicken sandwich, fried pickles, a cheese ball, salads, and desserts.  Thumbs up!

the bar at coppins at hotel covington with plates of oranges, lemons, limes and shelves of alcohol with globe lights above

Coppin's at Hotel Covington

Recently named as a new stop to NKY's bourbon experience, The B-Line, Coppin's at Hotel Covington is an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, dinner, brunch, or drinks. 

bowl of fried corn fritters with silver cup of sauce on a plate at coppins at hotel covington ky

I'd recommend everything on the menu, but especially the corn fritters.  Yum!

picture of alley with artwork on brick and strings of lights above where coppins at hotel covington offers a food window ky

If you're on a budget, pressed for time, or want something more casual, we have good news.  Coppin's offers a late-night walk-up window! 

walkup window menu board at coppins at hotel covington ky

The Coppin's courtyard and walk-up window are slated to open on May 2 and we can't wait.  Be sure to watch their social media for special menu offerings, deals, and special events.  Thumbs up!