Whether we have six more weeks of winter (if you can call it that this year) or not, you can’t deny that you can feel Spring getting closer. And as the weather will inevitably continue to get warmer, I am ready to get out and explore!

love_the_covAs many of us know (and per a recent article in The Lane Report), Northern Kentucky is chock full of charm. The article specifically mentions the area’s vibrant culture, scenery and riverfront development (read it here). 

That said, there are a few additional items that I would like to mention.

  1. Delightful Bourbon and Brews – You can schedule a tour of a bourbon distillery or simply stop into Video Thumbnail - youtube - NKY - New Kids on the Bourbon Blockone of the many establishments for a tasting. Whatever you choose, you will not leave thirsty!
  2. Museums – Of course there are traditional art and history museums, but there are also ones that showcase American signage and ventriloquism!
  3. Shopping 4The Shopping – There are so many wonderful places to shop in all of NKY – from boutiques to department stores and Main St. to malls, I guarantee you go home with more than one bag!

So, I am not going to let some groundhog seeing his shadow stop me from getting out and exploring this charming region, and neither should you.

I am always looking for new adventures and would love to know your favorite places to go and things to see. Comment below and fill me in on what I should do next!

Thanks to love_the_cov for the use of their photo.