In German, the word wunderbar means wonderful or marvelous.  How lucky are we that we have our own Wunderbar right here in Covington!?

exterior shot of a white building with black awning and red door with sign showing wunderbar in covington kentucky

Beyond the bright red door is a warm and inviting dining room with so many wonderful food and drink options.  We quickly found a spot at a picnic table and made ourselves at home.

interior photo of picnic tables and bar at wonderbar in covington kentucky

We began salivating over the menu, which is chock full of traditional German fare.  But don't worry, if you aren't a huge fan of German food, there are plenty of American options on the menu as well.  Or you could just fill up on pretzels!

pretzel and beer cheese from wonderbar in covington ky

But seriously.  Those pretzels.  So wonderful.  We decided on beer cheese and pundekas (similar to French onion dip with a yogurt base) for dipping.  The pretzel is seriously delicious--so much so that my coworker said, "This may be the best pretzel I've ever had."  She did add that she'd need to return to Tuba Baking Company soon just for comparison.  ;)

pretzel bun and the kitchen sink burger at wunderbar in covington kentucky

I should've stopped eating after the pretzel (they're bigger than your head and so filling!), but I ordered a kuchenspule (kitchen sink) burger.  Complete with a pretzel bun, portabella mushrooms, bacon, and four types of cheeses, it was wonderful.  The side of fresh-cut fries was also delicious.

german sausage, slaw, brussel sprouts served on a plate at wunderbar in covington kentucky

My coworker opted for more authentic German fare, including a bierbrat sausage, the bacon slaw, and the brussel sprouts.  The sausage plates at Wunderbar are customizable based on how many sausages and sides you're hungry for... and with so many sausage flavors and side options, the possibilities are seemingly endless.  The side of brussel sprouts was a recommendation of our server and was definitely a hit!

photo of a blue wooden fence and yellow patio umbrellas with picnic tables at the wunderbar in covingtin ky

We can't wait to return to Wunderbar soon and hope the weather will be warm enough to hang out on the patio next time!  Prost!