Make no mistake, we feel the crisp in the air...  and that can only mean fall is on its way. Oh the smell of bonfires, crisp autumn leaves, oversized sweatshirts... and amazing bourbon cocktails! Nothing better than "Fall in the Commonwealth" and an incredible Bourbon cocktail to go along with it. 

Maybe like this beauty from the Old Kentucky Bourbon Bar...The Godfather. Oh just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. 


What a great "Hello Fall!" Just take two ounces of Bourbon with 1/2 ounce of Amaretto and pour over some ice! Delish!

But maybe you love the tradition with your Bourbon. I definitely recommend you try out the Manhattan at Coppin's at Hotel Covington

I think everyone has their favorite Manhattan recipe and, well, I am not giving out mine... or am I? The drink recipe is more than 150 years old and one of the best ways to introduce yourself to Bourbon. I really think this is a drink that you can play around with a High Rye Bourbon. The sweet vermouth balances out the bite of the rye. So for this gem, take 3 ounces of a rye like Bulleit's rye and an ounce of sweet vermouth. Now the fun--a dash of bitters. Understandably, this one is subjective... one person's dash is different from another! And finally, the crowing with a cherry! Enjoy!

Ok, my final little cocktail tip as we head into fall: Do you know about Bourbon Cream? Oh, no? You must learn about this gem. 

In my opinion, Bourbon Cream is what Kahlua wants to be when it grows up. I have no sweet recipes for you to enjoy Bourbon Cream, but here is what I do advise: Open the bottle, pour it over ice and drink it. Seriously, nothing more needed. I must say, Boone County Distilling makes one of the finest we have ever had. 

Enjoy your fall, enjoy your bourbon and your bourbon cocktails. 

Finally, I hope you are making plans to head to Northern Kentucky for a once-in-a-lifetime event for Bourbon lovers. On October 26th for the Tousey House's special Bourbon event, The Taste of the Decades!  The chance to taste some of the most amazing heritage Bourbons our great Commonwealth has ever produced and to meet Julian Van Winkle III (yes, that Van Winkle). I hope you are already booked and on your way. Not one to miss!

Happy Bourbon Heritage Month! God bless our great country and America's Native Beverage. 

Wherever you celebrate this month, be responsible! Cheers!