After Unprecedented Success in 2022, Nation’s Largest Light, Art, and Projection Mapping Experience Returns With New Dates To Immerse Cincy Streets in 2024

Cincinnati, OH (July 11, 2023) - Following its triumphant 2022 post-pandemic return to live spectacle, the BLINK® partners are thrilled to announce that the giant public art spectacle will return to the streets and buildings of Cincinnati from October 17th to October 20th, 2024. BLINK, Illuminated by ArtsWave, brings a unique and cherished free opportunity for attendees to interact with some of the world’s most innovative and engaging art throughout the city. 

Sure to be a hallmark of the 2024 experience, BLINK is bringing projection mapping back to Cincinnati Music Hall. An iconic landmark and defining piece of Cincinnati architecture and history, Music Hall has stood at the corner of 14th and Elm for over 140 years.

Sitting solidly at the crossover between digital and physical, BLINK draws both artists and attendees from all over the globe to experience truly immersive art amidst the familiar cityscape. The biennial event is the nation’s largest light, art, and projection mapping experience, and as such, it has garnered quite the fanbase, providing an impressive group with unforgettable memories. In 2022 alone, the event saw 2.1 million attendees from 29 different states. 

BLINK is not only an asset in terms of community enjoyment, it is also responsible for an incredible positive fiscal impact, with $126 million direct economic impact for the Cincinnati region. Not only this, but the 2022 edition featured 71 total artists – 18 international, 21 U.S.-based, and 32 local – establishing BLINK as truly universal, exposing people to art from around the world and the magic of Cincinnati.

Mayor Aftab Pureval touches on BLINK’s impact on the city of Cincinnati, saying, “BLINK has firmly established itself as a cultural icon that reverberates energy and excitement across the globe. With its intentional approach to celebrating what makes Cincinnati a world-class art city, BLINK offers an unmatched experience found exclusively in Cincinnati.”

With this date announcement, BLINK looks forward to 2024, inviting interested venues within the 2022 BLINK footprint to submit and become an integral part of the process from the very beginning. Keep an eye out for artist applications in September, and more details as October 2024 grows ever nearer. 

With returning Executive Director Justin Brookhart at the helm, BLINK 2024 is sure to be a breath-taking community-building experience. In 2022, Brookhart’s organizational leadership skills and collaborative mindset led the team towards a wider audience, celebrating all that Cincinnati/NKY and the art world at large have to offer. This year, Brookhart looks forward to applying everything he’s learned to a wildly successful 2024 event. 

“I am honored to be leading the charge to return BLINK for its fourth edition in 2024,” said Brookhart “The work and impact wouldn’t be possible without the artists, partners, and supporters who put their time and energy in to create such a magical experience, and I’m thrilled to work with them again.” 

This massive undertaking would not be possible without ArtsWave, the primary source of funding for the region’s arts, which also powers the BLINK experience. Alecia Kintner, President & CEO of ArtsWave, explains that BLINK adds to the region’s enviable array of defining cultural events. “As a nationally ranked top 20 most arts vibrant community, Cincinnati remains a leader in arts innovation and participation. The more the public invests in the arts through the ArtsWave Community Campaign, the more exciting our region becomes. BLINK is a vivid example of how – with sufficient investment and imagination -- the arts can drive Cincinnati’s rise and growth, creating a wave of economic and social benefits.

Andrew Salzbrun, the Managing Partner of AGAR and BLINK’s Co-founder, returns with strong curatorial programming, working in tandem with Brookhart and the Cincinnati Chamber. AGAR was responsible for much of 2022’s global influence and striking pieces, and looks forward to bringing new voices to 2024’s event. “BLINK embodies the diverse and collaborative spirit of the midwest. The invitation for global artists and local residents to connect through art, provides fertile ground for inspiration, community building and economic growth of the region. As a steward of that opportunity, it's an honor to bring BLINK back in 2024.”

About BLINK 

BLINK, Illuminated by ArtsWave, is an unforgettable four-day, 30 city block, outdoor art experience that unites street art, projection mapping, light-based installations, and music. 

Not only does the event speak to the dynamic evolution of the Cincinnati art community, it calls upon the city’s deep roots in supporting the arts. BLINK is illuminated by ArtsWave, the first and largest community campaign in the nation and the primary way that Cincinnati funds its arts. When tens of thousands of people and hundreds of companies give to ArtsWave, they support 150 cultural organizations and projects each year like BLINK that make our region vibrant. Donations to BLINK and other arts projects and organizations can be made at

BLINK is produced and curated by its Executive Partners - the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, AGAR, and the Haile Foundation, and produced in conjunction with its Partners ArtWorks, Cincy Nice, and ish - to provide opportunities for regional artists and bring in global creators all in the pursuit of a stronger community.

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