Welcome To The South

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In Northern Kentucky (NKY), the South quite literally begins at our front door.  In fact, when you hear “Welcome to NKY” that also means “Welcome to the South”… where life is easier and the real soul of hospitality begins.  Find the Unbridled Spirit of Kentucky on display every day here – from the bourbon heritage of regional distilleries to thoroughbred horse racing, paddlewheel riverboats and chef-inspired farm-to-table dining.

Our unique style of South is what shines through... and in NKY you’ll find we do South with a bit of German fusion and a whole lot of sass. Join us for a plate of fried green tomatoes washed down with a fine, locally brewed Hefesweizen or discover our notorious gangster-run past while watching our hometown Cincinnati Reds play baseball on a bustling riverfront.  Come on by, y’all – there’s something for everyone in NKY!

“So as I said it’s a total package! When we leave we feel good about what we have delivered to our delegates. That’s the most important thing. We’re a members association and we’ve got to please them. We need a lot of help doing that. And when we come to Northern Kentucky that help is always here and we appreciate that.”
Robin Cooper, Kentucky League of Cities