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meetNKY Destination Strategic Plan


Follow along the process as we develop a strategic plan to guide our vision and our responsibilities in support of tourism in northern Kentucky.


What is a strategic plan?

A destination strategic plan is a guiding document that outlines actions that should be taken to grow demand from visitors and to improve the supply of tourism & hospitality offerings. This includes raising the awareness of existing assets through marketing, promotion, and branding; improving the accessibility and visibility of the region’s offerings to visitors; and enhancing existing tourism attractions, lodging and accommodations, and retail/food & beverage businesses.

MeetNKY has selected real estate and hospitality consultant, Streetsense, to develop its destination strategic plan. Streetsense is an uncommon collective of creative thinkers with deep expertise in developing market-informed, place-based strategies for mixed-use destinations.

How can I contribute to the strategic planning process?

If you are an owner/manager of a tourism attraction, lodging/accommodation business, or F&B/retail business that sees a large share of out-of-town visitors, request an invite to upcoming focus group discussions and/or public presentations (see below for meeting dates).

Updates and Upcoming Engagement Meetings

  • Consultant Team Site Visit – 02/07 – 02/10

During the site visit, Streetsense will be visiting key attractions across Boone, Kenton, and Campbell counties to conduct physical assessments of various key tourism sites, and to meet with local tourism vendors/operators.

  • Advisory Committee Meeting – 02/07

The meetNKY Strategic Plan advisory committee consists of John Stanton/Kenton County; Chris Courtney/Boone County; Justin Otto/Campbell County; Tom West/Covington; TBD/Newport; Josh Hunt/Florence; David Del Bello/Florence Y'alls; Hannah Lowen/New Riff; Emily Wolff/Weckman-Wolff Enterprises; Mark Looy/Ark Encounter & Creation Museum; Shaun Pan/Hampton Inn & Suites Newport; Linda Bray-Schafer/Campbell County Adventures

  • Focus Group 1: Community Partners -02/08
  • Focus Group 2: County Economic Development Leaders - 02/09
  • Focus Group 3: B-Line - 02/09 
  • Focus Group 4: Professional Sports/Golf Course Attractions/Outdoors - 02/09
  • Focus Group 5: Hotel/Hospitality Businesses - 02/10
  • Focus Group 6: Arts/Culture Attractions/F&B - 02/10

A set of focus group discussions organized by industry sector/ area of expertise will be held in person and facilitated by Streetsense. Each discussion is designed to allow invited key stakeholders to share challenges/opportunities faced in promoting tourism in the region and to help inform priorities for strategies in the final plan.