Plan For Success With Your Group Meeting

We often hear that the choice is easy! It’s the planning that is a pain.

That could not be further from the truth in NKY. We hook you up with so many tools to assist you in planning a wow-worthy event.

Here are a few things 98.6% of planners consider us experts at:

  • Convention Suppliers & Local Resources
    To assist you with planning for your on-site needs our Convention Services team can connect you to the best resources and suppliers in the area covering a range of meeting services including audio-visual production, entertainers, transportation, signage, floral, photographers and much more.
  • Planning Visit Coordination and Off-Site Event Coordination
    Once you have decided on NKY, the Convention Services team can coordinate your planning visit and provide you with an escort through the city to tour unique event spaces and off-site venues, meet with key suppliers and touch base with your host hotel(s) and contracted meeting facilities.
  • Companion Programs
    We know you want ALL of your guests to have a great time in NKY. We have lots of ideas for fun and unique day outings to entertain attendees, companions and spouses.
  • “State of the Art” Housing Services
    Using the Lanyon reservation system, we can provide you with a reservation dashboard where you can access real-time reservation information to ensure event success and enjoy peace of mind.