meet your NKY Ambassadors!

Planning is a breeze in NKY, but getting here is when the FUN begins! We understand that each meeting, meeting planner and event is unique and we want to be ready to provide you with the perfect on-site services that allow you to take advantage of all the experiences in NKY.

Our strong team of “NKY Ambassadors” are expertly fluent in NKY & Cincinnati USA and are ready to interact with your attendees.

Some additional on-site experiences we can provide include:

  • Convention Amenities
    Further enhance your on-site experience… select NKY plastic bags, lapel pins or conference souvenirs for each of your attendees. Additional quantities are available for purchase by your group.
  • Visitor Guides
    The official Cincinnati USA visitors guide and website are the keys to providing your attendees up to the date information on all they can experience in the region. We look forward to helping you distribute these guides during your registration.
  • Name badges
    Our registration services include the capability to produce personalized, laser-printed name badges in advance and on site at your meeting... complimentary. Call us for a sample or to find out more about how we can prepare customized name badges for your group.