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When the dust settles, the site visit is done and you have made the choice to meet in NKY, the fun is just beginning. We hook you up with all the tools to make sure your event is a success. Our award-winning Convention Services Department is ready to partner with you through the entire journey—convincing your board to choose NKY, helping you with the tools to plan for success and assisting you in getting your attendees excited about meeting in NKY.

When you meet with us, you meet with the best! We take great pride in offering the most comprehensive, complimentary convention services in the meetings industry.  We are eager to introduce you to many cost-effective, innovative solutions to help you enjoy a well-organized and well-attended meeting in NKY.

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Plan Your Meeting
For group outings, companion programs and convention supplier needs, we’re here to answer your...
Special Off-Site Venues
Take in the flavor of our region by hosting an off-site activity aboard a riverboat or at one of...
get your board on board
We know that we may have convinced you that NKY is the ideal location for your event. But perhaps...
engage attendees
You may have fallen in love with NKY but it won’t mean much if we don’t help get your attendees...
NKY Ambassadors
these pros are with you all the way