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What do you look for in a meeting venue?  Riverfront beauty?  Got it.  A perfect fit?  Check!  Uber-geeked out facilities?  Affirmative.  NKY has everything you need to turn "ho-hum" into "holy cow!"  And it all comes with loads of convenience, top-shelf service and a double dose of heck yeah.

So explore our amazing venues:  the hassle-free Northern Kentucky Convention Center, the suburban BB&T Arena, and your choice of awesome full-service hotels.

meeting facilities
RiverCenter Convention Package
Our comprehensive lodging and meeting space packages offer you a truly seamless process. You'll...
Arena Meetings, Sports Events & Concerts
The Bank of Kentucky Center is the midwest's premier, multipurpose arena specially designed to host...
Special Off-Site Venues
Take in the flavor of our region by hosting an off-site activity aboard a riverboat or at one of...
High Tech, Training & Airport Meetings
Whether your meeting requires an easily accessible location for attendees, the support of a...
Large Full-Service Hotel Meetings
Large, full-service hotels staffed by experienced and professional personnel are a great venue...

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*The data in this search feature is intended to help identify options, but may not be up-to-date or inclusive of all options in NKY.  Please contact us for more information and for assistance in planning your next event.