The week is coming to a close, and it’s time to relax and take part in the Northern Kentucky nightlife! What’s the plan? Here’s a sneak peek into the evening at Newport on the Levee.


Northern Kentucky dining offers something to tickle the taste buds of anyone who’s hungry. And, there are plenty of options when it comes to different types of places to eat. At Newport on the Levee, we can discover a new dining favorite around every corner. Check out some of the options.

Brio Dining


Playing active video games provides a high-energy, fun experience, but did you know it also burns calories? Playing active games can raise energy expenditure and could burn over 200 calories per hour (and we will need to burn some extra calories after the dinner we have planned). GameWorks is a perfect location to get our game on – and relieve some stress as a side benefit!



All that gaming can make a person thirsty, so off to secure a cocktail. Maybe a hand-crafted, signature martini at Bar Louie or a delicious Cherry Bomb at Brothers Bar & Grill? Can't go wrong with whatever we choose!

Bar LouieBrothers

Horse-drawn Carriage

The evening winds down and the weather is perfect this time of year to go for a ride…in a carriage! This is one of our favorite ways to take in the local sights and sounds of the area. 

Carriage ride

Scenic View

The evening ends with a final look of the view across the river – stunning!

Cincinnati skyline from kentucky shore night

What a great evening, and this is just one night!

Do you have a favorite chef? A little-known local treasure? This is not a one-way conversation, so fill us in on your 'night out' activities in the comments below.

Enjoy the evening!