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Zapata Cantina


As is with holding on to precious recipes that get passed down from generation to generation, so is Zapata Cantina. Our desire is to captivate your senses. Zapata Cantina would like to reintroduce you to the art of the hand-making tradition along with fresh ingredients. Zapata Cantina has taken the industrial folk revolution of Mexico founded by Emiliano Zapata, and pays tribute to that in our cuisine and cocktails. In Mexico, “Corn is King”. The Mexican love affair with on-the-go cuisine has only strengthened in the high-paced modern era. Referred to as “antojitos” in Spanish, meaning “little cravings”, street dishes here can count corn as a near-universal cultural ingredient. Zapata Cantina appreciates the barrel aging of Mexicos’ finest plant, the Agave. A light introduction to Mezcal brings you to a whole new journey. Mezcal invites you. And we invite you to experience that with us. “Bienvenido!", Welcome!