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Mainstrasse Village Pub

  • 619 Main St
    Covington, KY 41011
  • (859) 393-1934

Now this is what a pub should be! Beer aficionados throughout Greater Cincinnati and well beyond know that the Mainstrasse Village Pub in Covington’s historic German district has the classic ambiance of pub comfort, congeniality and hospitality. In addition to our full liquor selection, we always live up to our official motto of “Drink better beer” by offering more than 200 different, constantly changing bottled brews from around the world to ensure that you do. The Village Pub’s cordial and knowledgeable bartenders can help you make a decision based on your particular tastes, if you’re confounded when faced with so many choices. And you’re certain to linger while sampling the unparalleled assortment of lagers, ales, pale ales, bitters, heffeweisens and stouts. But don’t ask what’s available on tap – we don't serve draught beer.