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Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati

Meeting Facilities  

The Fire Museum of Greater Cincinnati highlights the significant contributions that Cincinnati has made to the firefighting profession. Its mission is to bring the traditions of firefighting to life – in a museum that helps save lives. In 1906, the building that now houses the museum was home to the Engine Company #45 Firehouse, and it is now included in the National Register of Historic Places. In 1853, Cincinnati established the first full-time, paid, professional fire department. This fire department used steam fire engines pulled by horses. Then, Cincinnati inventors Able Shawk and Alexander Latta created "Uncle Joe Ross," the first practical steam fire pumper. Cincinnati became famous throughout the world for its design, development and manufacturing of firefighting apparatus.

Facility Info
  • Space Notes The second floor of the Museum is able to accommodate up to 110 people. -The Locker Room: 49 maximum standing 35 maximum seating -Lindner Hall: 135 maximum standing 75 maximum seating Rent the Entire Museum: Accommodates up to 500 guests. All three floors of the Museum will be open for guests to visit.