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Fifty West Brewing Company

  • 7668 Wooster Pike
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
  • (513) 834-8789

All the beers brewed at Fifty West Brewing Company have been hand made in small batches with a focus on craftsmanship, tradition, innovation, and patience. There are several reasons why we selected the name ‘Fifty West’; the most obvious being the fact that our brewery is located on Route 50, which extends from Coast to Coast- it spans more than 3,000 miles starting in Maryland and stretching all the way to California. The brewery is located in a building that has a vast and varied transient history (; from the settlers heading west through the Ohio River valley, to the days of Prohibition when our building was a favorite of George Remus and the bootleggers running whiskey from Cincinnati to Chicago, to where we are today—amidst a renaissance of the craft beer movement. To us, it’s not about the destination, but instead making sure we are enjoying the journey, appreciating the moment, and brewing beers that are enjoyed by anyone who is willing to let us become a part of their journey.