meet our team

The entire meetNKY team is dedicated to showing you all that is incredible about the Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky area. This is not only our home... this is our passion. 

Executive & Administrative

Eric Summe, CTA, CDME

President & CEO

Mary Watkins, CTA

Director - Bureau Operations

Bridget A. Johnson, CTA

Director - Finance

Connie R. Mullins, CTA

Office Manager

Terri Maurer

Database Assistant

Destination Sales & Marketing

Julie Kirkpatrick, CTA, CDME

Vice President - Sales & Marketing

Susan B. Smith, CMP, CASE, PDM, CTA

Senior Convention Sales Manager

Erin Hoebbel, CTA, CMP, CASE

Tour | Travel Manager

Kathy Ehlman, CTA

Senior Sports and Convention Sales Manager

Stefanie Wyckoff, CTA

National Account Manager

Rebecca Banks, CTA

Digital Marketing Manager

Dot Crane, CTA

Content Marketing Specialist

Katrina Armstrong, CTA

Sales Production Assistant

Sydney Clancy, CTA

Tour/Travel & Marketing Coordinator

Destination Services

Carla M. Quercioli, CTA

Director - Destination Services

Sue Cline, CTA

Senior Destination Services Manager

Lauren Barksdale, CTA

Destination Services Manager

Stacy Howell, CTA

Destination Services Assistant