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Dark Charge Day

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Four Cities. One Stout. Dark Charge Day Returns. We're excited to continue the annual celebration and Kentucky tradition of barrel-aged beer. Join us on Saturday, December 5th for the return of Dark Charge! The last couple years were big for Dark Charge Day. We introduced a brand new VIP experience, sold more bottles than ever, and hosted the largest Winter Block Party that 7th street has ever seen. This year, we've faced some unique challenges but our team has been hard at work adjusting to the circumstances and making some changes to continue the tradition of Dark Charge. We're excited to share these new releases with you and celebrate the heritage of our Imperial Stout, even if it may look a bit different this year. Find out what you can expect from Dark Charge Day 2020 from our Co-Founder and CEO, Jake Rouse, by heading to We're excited to bring back this legendary beer, while celebrating the history and tradition of Kentucky's bourbon barrel culture. Stay tuned to our social media channels, and for Dark Charge Day updates, and join us on Saturday, December 5th, 2020!

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