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Julie Kirkpatrick
Julie Kirkpatrick, President & CEO

Julie is the President & CEO for meetNKY. She enjoys exploring Bourbon Country (or the great Commonwealth of Kentucky as it is known), the local distilleries and finding new ways to work Bourbon into every conversation. Julie's passion is for promoting tourism development in Northern Kentucky. 

A little lesson on Bourbon!

Ok, I get it, you like Bourbon, I like Bourbon, we all like Bourbon. Oh I know, some of you LOVE Bourbon. But how much do you really know about Bourbon. I mean, could you win the Thursday night Bourbon Trivia game at our house. If so, come on over. I keep getting beat. For the rest of us, let's…

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Your First Stops for NKY Bourbon

We are making some GREAT bourbons here! I want to take you on a little trip on enjoying our bourbon and making it a "neat" time in NKY. New Riff Distillery Ok...for sure...you have to start here in Newport, KY. This amazing distillery has been making their urban bourbon for three years. And they…

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